What Is The Best Hives Remedy?


The most common cases of hives include rashes in the form of itchy red bumps on the skin’s surface as a result of one of many allergic reactions. The chemicals the body releases to combat irritants is what causes the skin to break out into hives. There is often a hives remedy that will treat these irritating rashes.

Although hives are well known for clearing up on their own, many sufferers continue to seek commercial remedies like prescribed or non-prescribed medications and sometimes allergy shots. Most available medications contain antihistamines and/or cortisone, making them rather effective hives remedies; however these drugs can cause countless side effects or become dangerous if used too often. Chronic sufferers might be better off using a natural type of hives remedy.

Prior to beginning any type of treatment, herbalists recommend trying to find out the exact cause of the hives breakout. This is the best way to effectively treat and prevent hives breakouts.

Here are some of the best natural remedies available for soothing your skin:

1. Quercetin is the pigment found in most green vegetables as well as onions, apples, among other organic foods. It is a natural antihistamine and is an extremely effective hives treatment for most sufferers. You should be ingesting at least 500 milligrams of quercetin twice daily for it to perform as a hives remedy.

2. Native American medicine believes hives are a fire-like condition and therefore opt to use sandalwood essential oil as a way of cooling the skin. Rub a cotton ball dipped in this oil, often considered a skin sedative, into the affected area every few hours.

3. Mint is a natural substance well known and most used for its cooling effect which is ideal for treating the itchiness associated with hives. The most effective way to use mint as a hives remedy is to apply mint ice cubes directly to the affected skin. To make mint ice cubes, crush two teaspoons worth of fresh mint leaves and steep in boiling hot water for at least five minutes. Then strain and pour the mint water in an ice cube tray and freeze. The handy thing about using mint cubes is you can reuse them by placing them back in the freezer after use.

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