No One Is Immune From Hives: Children Can Get Them Too


Hives are bad enough to suffer from but when your child gets hives it can be close to impossible. Telling a young child not to itch is basically something they may not be able to handle… because hives children develop will be just as bad as those ones you suffer from. And we all know just how much they itch.

Scratching those hives for a child may be the only thing they can think about. That’s why your first priority should be to make sure they don’t itch. You can do this by getting an antihistamine in a pill form, something that is good for children though, not adult strength, and give them it.

But an even quicker way to get your child to not scratch is to get a cream that also has antihistamine in it. Rub this cream on the hives and the itching should subside enough for your child to stop wanting to scratch those spots.

There could be any number of causes of hives to blame. If the hives were caused by a food your child ate, you should make sure they don’t eat it again. But you also need to take them to see a doctor.

Doctors will be able to run tests and see if the hives were caused by a prescription the child may be taking, or even by an infection that the immune system is trying to fight off. It’s not uncommon for a low grade infection to cause hives in both children and adults. The doctor will be able to give your child something to take to get rid of the infection.

As a parent it’s a great idea to keep products on hand in these situations. You never know when your children will have an allergic reaction and develop hives. And with hives, children seem to suffer much worse than adults simply because they can’t stop scratching them.

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