Do You Suffer From Chronic Hives?


Chronic hives are a form of urticaria that keep appearing or just won’t seem to go away. They can be caused by an allergic reaction to something you’ve put into your body or on your body. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out exactly what are causing those hives though.

It’s thought that normally these chronic hives will only be caused by some medicine or food you’ve ingested. Or maybe even the immune system over reacting to flu or some infection you’ve gone through. They will disappear at times just as quickly as they have appeared, and are not normally the type of reaction you will get from soaps.

Doctors who feel it may be a medicine you’re taking will normally discontinue your use of that medicine. Foods that may be causing hives should be avoided. However, if the hives continue to appear, your cause will be less likely to have been from food. It’s at this point where a doctor may want to test your immune system to make sure it’s reacting properly.

It’s not out of the question that you could be getting developing skin hives as part of an infection you may not even realize you have. Though it will be tough to control, you need to avoid iching the hives, or they will get worse. In certain cases of chronic hives, food may help to make the hives worse but not be the main cause of the problem.

Treating chronic hives will usually require an antihistamine. Your doctor will decide which type and whether it’s over the counter or a prescription. But you can seek some extra relief by using OTC creams without a prescription. You may even prefer to find relief from a natural, homeopathic hives remedy.

Finally, don’t hesitate to seek treatment if you suffer from chronic hives. Try to keep itching at bay by using creams or natural remedies designed to offer relief.

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