Allergic Hives: What They Are And How To Treat Them


Have you ever broken out in those itchy welts? Is there a chance that you have allergies to certain things? Well, let’s learn a bit about these allergic hives and what to do about them.

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Let’s start with what a skin hive actually is. Hives are small bumps or welts that appear on your skin. Most often they itch, burn, or sting. It is not uncommon for many to gather in one place and form a huge red, swollen area. Some have been seen that are the size of a dining plate! Generally they last only a few hours, but it is possible for them to linger for days.

Have you ever wondered where these come from? Well, these irritating outbreaks are formed as a reaction to an allergen you have been exposed to. Reacting to that, your body releases a large amount of histamine from cells. When this happens, plasma leaks out of the blood vessels running along the skin. Too much histamine in the body affects it negatively.

Allergies are a widespread, common affliction among people. Some folks are only allergic to one or two things, and others seem to go off at most everything. Triggers like grass, hay, dust, animal dander, insect stings, and foods are most often seen. Food triggers include berries, fish, chocolate, milk, nuts, and soy. You need to identify your specific allergens so that you can stay away from them unless you are on good allergy medication. Visit an allergist; they can test and tell you exactly.

The best treatment for the hives themselves is a good dose of antihistamines. As the name implies, they block the release of histamines into the body. Thus, easing your symptoms considerably. However, they will make you quite sleepy. You can find popular brands such as Benadryl in virtually any retail or drug store. Many people find they prefer natural hives treatments and these can work quite well too.

If you are having a severe case of allergic hives, go to your doctor and get checked out. It’s recommended to see an allergist for testing so they can put you on medication to prevent this from occurring again. Don’t suffer any longer!

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